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Camera Ready Paper and Copyright Transfer via CMT Portal

Step 1 - Prepare Your Final Paper as per IEEE Template with minimum (4) to maximum (6) number of pages is required in standard IEEE format.(Refer

To assist you in understanding the IEEE format, please have a look into the detailed video to prepare your paper quickly.

Step 2 – Check your Final Paper

Please double check the information that you provide during online submission: Once submitted, it can’t be changed later.


  • Title of the paper

  • Name, affiliation, e-mail address of the authors

  • Name of the corresponding author

  • Formatting is not strictly as per the IEEE format that was shared with the authors (attached herewith as well).

  • Authors' names in the paper have salutations (Ms. Mr. Mrs. Dr., etc.) or designation (Prof., Dean , etc.). Writing salutations and designations are not allowed in the paper.

Step 3: Ensure the Similarity Index (Plagiarism Report) should be less than 30% Including References and any single source of plagiarism should not be more than 5%.
•       Maintain minimum 15 references in the paper
•       Incorporate the correction suggested by the reviewer. Please check the mail attachment.

•       Run a Spellcheck and proofread your paper thoroughly to ensure that it contains no typo and grammatical errors. There are typographical and/or grammatical issues in the paper (totally unacceptable).

•       Include good quality figures/graphics

•       Tables must be drawn in table format, not as an image.

•       In-text description and callouts for all the figure numbers, table numbers and equation numbers must be present in the paper as per the order of their occurrence

•       Citation of all the references must be done inside the paper, that is, in-text citations.

•       In-text citations must match their corresponding reference listed under the references section and vice-versa.

•       Citation must be in ascending order, not in random manner

•       Reference should not be cited in Abstract and Conclusion part.

•       Remove words like “Our/we/us” from the paper

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